Employee Transportation Services

At Providence, transportation management is our primary business. We are a reputable company offering regular employee transport services from home to the workplace. And because of the knowledge we've gained over the past few years managing a variety of clients, the goal is to completely assist the clients with this non-core activity. There is very little client involvement in day-to-day activities. 

Corporate Car Rental

With Corporate Car Rental, businesses can access a fleet of high-quality vehicles to fulfill their transportation requirements for corporate events, client meetings, and employee travel.

Providence Shuttle

A new option for a quick, safe, and comfortable commute is Providence Shuttle. There's no need to drive during rush hour, wait for a bus to arrive, or cram yourself onto a packed conveyance. We are thrilled to provide corporates with access to Providence's excellent quality and safety standards. Providence Shuttle is now available for use on your regular business commute. Utilizing technology, Providence Shuttle allows you to book a seat on a spotless, well-maintained, and superior shuttle.

Providence Driver-Partners

Our service offers experienced driver-partners who are skilled, knowledgeable, and reliable. Our driver-partners undergo rigorous training and background checks to guarantee the highest standards of safety and service for our passengers.


On a single platform, the service is designed to handle the whole operational cycle. The tool can be upgraded and customized to meet requirements particular to a certain sector. - Transport Helpdesk - Routing - Billing - Security command centre - Compliance management - Cab and Driver management - Vendor management - Dashboard and MIS